trainaBull Academy Group Training Classes    

We are pleased to bring the trainaBull Academy to Chicagoland, NW Indiana, SW Wisconsin. The trainaBull Academy offers a variety of breed specific training options for owners of English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers owners. Under the direction of our lead training and behavioral consultant Mary Sheffke, our trainaBull Academy Training Essentials Series offers options for almost every training need, budget and location.

Our classes are open to all English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers-- breeder dogs, shelter dogs and dogs from any rescue group. Please read our course descriptions before registering for a class. If you have any questions about which class would be most appropriate for your bulldog, you can call us at 855-385-5111 ext 4.

Our Training Essentials Series

Our class sessions run 5 successive weeks. We encourage you to check your schedule to be certain that you can meet all class time sessions. We want you and your dog to succeed and attendance is a huge part of making that success happen.


Bulldog/Short Nose Fundamentals is the cornerstone of our "Training Essentials" series. This five (5) week class begins with teaching you and your bulldog or short nose breed the core concepts of positive reward-based training. Our unique Dynamic Lesson Plan format allows our trainer to customize each class to the needs of the participants.    

We are offering Bulldog/Short Nose Fundamentals at the following locations and times in 2015 (additional dates and locations to follow):

  • All Pets Animal Hospital (Lockport, IL)- Saturday March 7, 14, 21, 28 and April 4 (12:00PM Noon) 


Our Puppy Primer class is the perfect way to get your new little angel off to a great start in his or her new life. We consider this the Bulldog/Short Nose 101 course of our "Training Essentials" series to help owners start their dogs off with a great behavioral foundation right from the start.

We are offering Puppy Primer at the following locations and times in 2015 (additional dates and locations to follow:     

  • Puppy Primer will be integrated into our Bulldog Fundamentals class at Lockport starting on Saturday March 7, 2015
  • Puppies under 6 months of age will be invited to an additional 30 minutes of training and socialization exercises
  • Please sign up for Bulldog/Short Nose Fundamentals 


Strange name for a training course? Not if you have a bully that lunges, pulls or goes ballistic at the sight of another dog. You know exactly what we are talking about because you know that's what the owners of the other dogs you encounter in your daily routine are probably saying about you and your best friend. Check out the solutions here!    

We are offering Here Comes THAT Dog! at the following locations and times in 2015 (additional dates and locations to follow):    

  • To Be Announced

Pick your course selection below and add it to your shopping cart to reserve your space now! All registered participants will be required to provide proof of current vaccinations for their bulldog (via email), submit a participant waiver (via email) and complete a brief online registration form to help us shape the class curriculum.


individualized in home training

We can arrange for personal in home training with one of our bulldog training specialists.

Call us at 855-385-5111 (option 4) to schedule a session.

here's what our graduates say about our classes
Joy T.
We've taken classes with Vegas before when she was a puppy and they've always been fantastic. We took the class hoping we could socialize her with other dogs and learn some tips/tricks on handling her in aggressive situations. The class exceeded our expectations! We learned some simple training techniques that have really helped. We no longer have the crazy dog in the neighborhood! The class was so worth the time and investment and I'd recommend every owner who needs help with our loveable but stubborn bullies.

Debbie D.
I was skeptical about how our dog, Conan, would do in a training class. But Mary was such a great instructor and she created a great curriculum where Conan and the other dogs slowly got used to each other. Our whole family attended the training classes. Mary was warm, knowledgeable and talented. She gave us so many tips to help us work with Conan. The training was especially helpful for our younger daughter, who gained confidence in handling Conan around other dogs. She now is able to go on walks with Conan, whereas before training, she was too scared! I credit this change to Mary's skill and the confidence she helped inspire in our family. Thank you Mary!

Laurie B
Chicago, IL
Lola and I had a great experience at Bulldog Fundamentals. This was our second time taking this class with Mary, and it was a great refresher of things that will help Lola and I on a daily basis. Mary has amazing patience with Lola, and it was great seeing my crazy energy bully improve from week to week. This was not only a class for Lola to improve, but a major refresher for me to learn how to work with her. She is almost 6 years old.
It was great to see her continue to improve on her fundamentals!